The Schwab Alliance is intended to provide users with additional tools that work in concert with investment advisory services.

Benefits of the Schwab Alliance

Most people these days are interested in investing; the prospect of making your hard-earned money work for you certainly has its appeal. Of course, there’s no denying the steep learning curve attached to the vast investment market.

Like so many things in life, it’s easier to hire professional help. Most people will never dedicate the time necessary to learn how to service their automobile or fix their computer. You know enough to make informed decisions, but that doesn’t mean you can point out the intake manifold or code a website.

The same basic principle applies to investing, which is why you’ve made the wise decision to hire an advisory service, staffed by experienced CPAs and financial planners, to help you manage your investments. Even better, your advisor is part of the Schwab Alliance.

What does this mean for you? What benefits do you stand to gain by participating in the Schwab Alliance program? Here are a few advantages you’ll enjoy by signing up.

Easy Setup

Getting started with the Schwab Alliance is easy. There are two ways to set up your personal account. You can simply go to, click the “new user” button, and begin entering information and verifying the securities held in your accounts.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure about the information needed, simply ask your advisor to initiate the process for you so that all you have to do is verify your personal information. Either way, it shouldn’t take long to set up your account and get started.

After you’ve created your Schwab Alliance account you can download the mobile apps that suits your devices (Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire) and gain access to accounts with the login information for your online account.

Convenient Tools

Schwab Alliance offers a variety of tools that make managing your investment accounts quick, easy, and convenient. The first benefit you’ll enjoy is instant access to your account information.

You can log in through your computer or your mobile devices, giving you the option to monitor and manage your investment when you’re at home or on the go. Whether you simply want to stay abreast of the status of your accounts or you prefer the ability to approve transactions, Schwab Alliance helps you to manage your investments around the clock.

You’ll also enjoy features like mobile deposits. With a click of your camera you can deposit checks into your account from the comfort of home.

Of course, security features are also important. With secure notifications via paperless account statements, trade information, and tax documents, you never have to worry about your private data falling into the wrong hands. You can also approve transactions securely online and with your mobile devices.

Keep Your Advisor

Setting up accounts with Schwab Alliance does not mean you have to give up your trusted advisor. The Schwab Alliance is intended to provide users with additional tools that work in concert with investment advisory services.

Schwab Alliance can help busy investors like yourself stay informed and manage investments on-the-go, supplementing the individual attention and targeted advice you receive from your personal investment advisor.

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