Fearless Investing


Become Richer Than You Ever Imagined

Before our firm’s founding in 1999, we sought to find the most effective way to invest. Over the years we have continuously asked “How can we improve our investment philosophy to achieve better investment returns.” Our experience managing money has been an incredible education. One that we continue to embrace by not settling for mediocrity. We strive for excellence because that is what we expect from ourselves and why our clients trust us to manage their life’s savings.

Our interactions with clients has enabled us to understand their psychological tendencies as it relates to investing. This understanding lets us anticipate how certain clients will react to market movements. Of course, we are not referring to normal fluctuations that are to be expected but rather the ones that shake emotions. Emotions of fear and anxiety that leads to irrational decisions. Certainly, part of our value as advisors is to prevent regrettable choices.

In order to be proactive and guard against unproductive results from bad decisions, we first need to assess our clients’ loss capacity to gauge the percentage of higher risk assets that should be used in portfolios. The worst outcome in investing is panic selling after a steep market drop.

What if you had no fear of asset losses and that you would never sell during a market correction? What if drawdowns of 40% or more did not affect you in the least bit? What if you had the discipline to invest and not worry about dips in account value? What if you were able to withstand severe panic in the financial markets and stay the course through major market crashes over a 20+ year period?

Well, you would be in select company if you were able to do this! And you would be rich beyond your imagination. We call this Fearless Investing and challenge you to become a Fearless Investor.

Join a select group of investors that can withstand the biggest drawdowns and not flinch because you have been educated about and have embraced Fearless Investing.