Lowery Thomas Founding Partners: Ken Cala, Mark Vicencio, and David Lowery

Our clients value working with advisors that are experts in investments, taxes and financial planning. By having this knowledge and expertise, the planning process is more efficient and effective. In addition, we are better equipped to assess and answer questions that arise regarding our clients’ financial situation.

We develop customized plans that are unique for you and are adapted to your ongoing needs and goals.  Our team is excellent problem solvers and decision makers and we use these skills to compliment our training and experience to develop well designed financial plans and investment portfolios. Explaining and understanding our thought process behind our advice increases the probability of financial success by educating our clients using plain language without industry jargon.

We embrace the planning process and working closely with you to help gauge what is attainable and what is not. Our emphasis on our clients lets us gain a deeper understanding of each persons unique needs and goals in addition to what is truly important to them. It also lets us assess many other important aspects like your comfort level for risk, client reactions to certain events that may affect your financial well-being, and views on money, relationships and items of value.

All of our clients have varying degrees of participation in their financial planning, investments, and on-going wealth management. We are cognizant of this and will adapt to you and your preferences. You can be as involved as you want to be but we never stop driving you towards your goals while keeping you focused on the things that you can control. We will communicate with you as often as you like through whatever methods you prefer. We will work closely with, or if needed refer you to, other professionals like estate attorneys, insurance professionals, and mortgage brokers.

Our Objectivity & Trust

Important Ingredients for the Well-Being of Your Financial Future
Objectivity and trust are critical aspects of a relationship with a financial advisor. When a financial planning strategy or a specific investment is recommended, you want absolute certainty the advice given is in your best interests.

Lowery Thomas is an independent financial services firm. Our independence is critical to offering advice based on what’s best for you. We are not burdened by quotas or other artificial incentives that can distort an advisor’s recommendations, intentions or views. As CPAs and Registered Investment Advisors, we are held to the highest standard of fiduciary duties. Each discipline’s fiduciary responsibilities mandates that we, as advisers, always act in the best interests of our clients. But truth be told, everyone here at Lowery Thomas, embraced this ideology long before becoming CPAs and Registered Investment Advisors. As compassionate and empathetic individuals, putting others first is in our DNA. There is a reason that most of us here are coaches and enjoy mentoring others in life’s skills that team sports offers.

Our intentions are clear: We are in your financial corner everyday looking out for your best interests.

Our Technology Commitment

Advanced Tools and Platforms to Enhance Your Client Experience
Lowery Thomas understands the importance of technology. We have been early adopters of analytical platforms to make our portfolio management more successful. Currently, we utilize the best in class for risk assessment with FinaMetrica and risk analytics of portfolio construction (Riskalyze). Our portfolio management platform powered by Black Diamond is the central hub for advisors and clients. The Black Diamond client portal provides a user-friendly dashboard that illustrates portfolio performance returns, net worth, asset allocation and other useful features that helps you stay connected to your financial picture. Our financial planning platform is MoneyGuide by Envestnet which offers helpful tools and illustrations for clients to take control over the trade-offs that affect their financial plan. By modifying the important drivers of your planning like retirement age, yearly savings goals, and amounts to fund your needs, wants and wishes you will receive instant results that you can continue to adjust until the Probability of Success is where you want it.

Advanced Internal Analytics and Software to Achieve Better Client Outcomes
Our investment in technology does not stop with client facing platforms. We have powerful research, charting, and analytics subscriptions that enables our team of advisors the most effective and robust tools to successfully navigate market fluctuations and opportunities. As part of our suite of advisor facing software, we use Kwanti for portfolio analytics and back testing, YCharts for fundamental and technical charting, Black Diamond for investment performance and asset allocations, and Riskalyze for portfolio risk alignment and stress testing. For investment research, we have Morningstar, Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, and other analysts’ research and market updates.